Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love: Panera's Iced Green Tea!

[On Mondays, I post about something that I love. Mondays are such rough days--does anyone out there actually like the start of a new work week? Does anyone say, yay, Mondays are marvelous? So to cheer myself up, and maybe my readers, too, I've decided to officially name my "I Love" posts on Mondays: book ends' Lovely Monday posts. Because wouldn't the day be so much better if you tried to think about lovely things?]

Lately, I've become obsessed, literally obsessed with Panera's Iced Green Tea. It's probably a good thing that the nearest Panera is a few miles away, and a pain to get to, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be making the trek nearly every day for one of these perfectly sweet drinks for all of the hot summer days to come.

For this post, I searched online for any information I could find about where else I could get a drink like this, but it seems that they can only be found at Panera. The Iced Green Teas are made from a Republic of Tea mix that cannot be purchased anywhere--even online. I can't decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing... I'm afraid if I owned the mix myself I'd drink one of these an hour.

About the tea, Panera writes that the green tea is infused with passion fruit & papaya. My mouth is watering while I'm typing this, I swear it.

What are your go-to summer drinks?

Have a lovely Monday,

L. Stacks


Casey said...

Wow, you should be in sales - I have to try that now!

Jen said...


Lauren Stacks said...

Case--Panera should totally be paying me for this post, huh? ;)

Jen--I have an amazing recipe for Sangria (actually it's Jenna and Casey's) that we'll have to make sometime very soon!

XX, Lauren