Monday, April 19, 2010

Poetry Blitz, Ten.

This post is the tenth installation of book ends'
National Poetry Month poetry blitz. Read about it here.

Poem in Which I, and Only I, Get What I Deserve
Michael Meyerhofer
[Found in Another Chicago Magazine #49]

A student with manga-blue eyes
submits a poem about her father's hands
and their ability, when closed,

to chip more than teeth. I remember
four years of boxing lessons,
the reason I stayed late

and pressed iron bars against the ceiling,
the nunchakus I practiced
to the trill of imaginary pan flutes

after another female friend told me
what so-and-so had done
and I shuttered from the weight of it all.

I give her the number for counseling.
Then, in a poor attempt
to lighten the mood, ask her

if she wants me to go kick his ass.
She looks me up and down.
Says: I'm pretty sure he could take you.

L. Stacks

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