Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Music!

Today I'm cracking down and doing some homework and organizing. Only a week and a half left of classes until I'll be finished with the coursework of my MFA. While I've been working, I've been listening to this song on repeat--and I think you all should check it out, too.

Caleb Maitland, singer and songwriter, and a friend of mine from high school picked up and moved to Nashville after graduation. I always admired his courage in doing this, and a few days ago all of his hard work paid off--he won a big battle of the bands contest and will open for a big name band (like Toby Keith, OAR, or Styx) during Muskegon's Summer Celebration in June.

I just love the the vocals of the song, and the fact that it's upbeat without being overly peppy. Not to mention the lyrics are great. It kind of reminds me of Jon McLaughlin's music--one of my all-time favorite male vocalists.

To listen to more of his songs, click here.

L. Stacks

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