Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love: Messy Buns!

[For three (1, 2, 3) of the past six Mondays, I have posted about something that I love. Mondays are such rough days--does anyone out there actually like the start of a new work week? Does anyone say, yay, Mondays are marvelous? So to cheer myself up, and maybe my readers, too, I've decided to officially name my "I Love" posts on Mondays: book ends' Lovely Monday posts. Because wouldn't the day be so much better if you tried to think about lovely things?]

photo: weheartit

photo: weheartit

photo: weheartit

photo: weheartit

Maybe it's because my hair now reaches my shoulder blades, or maybe because Chicago is slowly starting to warm up again, but lately, for me, the messy bun has been making its comeback. Call me lazy, but there's something so nice about just twisting up a mess of hair and somehow ending up with a glam little knot on your neck. I'm afraid if I don't chop off some of my locks soon, I may end up with too much hair to do this...

Have a lovely Monday,

L. Stacks


twilas vintage clothing said...

I love messy buns too...especially to the side!


Lauren Stacks said...

Very true, I'll have to remember to pull off the side bun more often :)

XX Lauren Stacks