Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Denver, Here I Come!

Well, readers, I'm jetting off to Denver, CO for a very busy 5-day trip. I will be attending the AWP conference, which, for those of you non-writers, is one of the biggest literary conversations in the nation, and includes over 8,000 guests each year. I'm excited to browse the bookfair (and pick up some new issues of literary magazines), attend panels (and hopefully receive some good writing advice) and mingle with some writer friends who I haven't seen a couple of years (and hopefully make some new ones). Not to mention, I'm planning on doing a little exploring of Denver, since I've never been before.

I'll try to post a little while I'm there, but it's going to depend on my internet connection and the amount of free time I'll have.

Mountain Time, here I come!

L. Stacks

Photo found here.

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Mandy said...

Good luck and have fun!