Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love: Parenthood on NBC!

Like I said on Friday, this weekend was spent mostly in my bed, although for different reasons than I originally thought... a kidney stone. Yikes. So between drinking lots of distilled water and an insane amount of sleep, I watched the first four episodes of NBC's new series, Parenthood.

I fell in love with the show from the start. Lauren Graham has been a favorite of mine ever since her Gilmore Girls days, and I really like Monica Potter (who looked so familiar to me, and figured out it's because she was in Patch Adams). The story lines are very engaging: a single guy whose girlfriend wants him to commit to having a family with her, a family dealing with an Aspergers diagnosis, and a single mom moving back in with her parents. It turns out that Parenthood originally appeared as a movie starring Steve Martin back in 1989, so I'd be interested to see how this show compares to the movie.

Parenthood aires on Tuesday nights at 10/9 c., but I just like checking it out on, so that I can watch it curled up in my bed. If you're interested, watch the TV trailer here.

Cheers, readers, and let's hope I can finish my gallon of water today so I can pass this little bugger!

L. Stacks

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Adam Morgan said...

I've really been digging this show, too, so I'm glad at least one other person is watching it. Have you tried ABC's Modern Family? I think you'd love it, too.

Hope you're feeling better!