Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ACM #50 "Another Chicago Issue:" Call for Submissions!

As many of you know, I have been interning with the award-winning literary magazine Another Chicago Magazine for the past six months, helping with editorial selections, organization, and slush-reading. ACM's #49 "Bestiary" was released mid-summer, and we are well on our way to produce another great issue in early 2010.

ACM #50 will be a Chicago-themed issue, "Another Chicago Issue." To be considered for publication in this issues, you need not submit a piece specifically about Chicago (although feel free to, if you're so inclined) rather, you need only to live in Chicago, and to represent what we feel to be true Chicago-writing style.

About ACM: "Above all, we prefer diversity and an eclectic variety of work, which in some way diverges from and chafes againt preconceived ideas of genre, technique, and form, as well as work that may be a particularly distinguished example of more conventional modes. We believe that our content continues to encourage the reading of contemporary literature that is not only outside the most popular “mainstream,” but somewhat outside the “literary mainstream” as well. In other words, we hope to strike a more adventurous path from our peers and we hope to break new ground in our consideration and inclusion of multiple aesthetic and social viewpoints. Over the past four decades we feel we have largely succeeded in achieving this vision."

Submissions must be postmarked by January 5, 2010 and addressed as follows:

Another Chicago Magazine
Jacob S. Knabb
2608 W. Diversey
Apt 202
Chicago, IL - 60647
Re: "Another Chicago Issue"

I'd love to see submissions from you all--and please feel free to spread the word, as we have always been a magazine that is interested in publishing quality writers regardless of their previous publishing experience.

L. Stacks

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