Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great News!

Naomi Shihab Nye, poet, songwriter, and novelist, has compiled a poetry anthology of 25 poets under the age of 25 entitled Time You Let Me In, to be published by Greenwillow/Harper Collins in 2010. 

And today, I received an email from said poet asking if she could publish FOUR of my poems in her anthology--she even said I had a whimsical, wonderful voice! The four poems awaiting publication are: Macaroni Love, Evolution of a Writer, You Should Stop Sending, and Rain, Snow and Other Weather.

 As I recall, in her call for submissions, Nye noted that everyone published would receive payment... which I believe will soon make me an official, professional writer, hehe!

L. Stacks


Anonymous said...

it was only a matter of time... :)

Congrats again, Lauren!

Adam Morgan said...

I've probably already said this seven times, but I'm SO happy for you. This is a big deal and you deserve it. She's totally right about your style. This is just the beginning. Can't wait to own a copy!

Jamie Winger said...


Lisa Katzenberger said...

Congratulations Lauren! That is great news!

n.a.t.a.l.i.e. said...

wow lauren, that is amazing! congratulations!!

pete said...

I saw this coming a mile away.

You've earned it.